Social Studies Grade 5

The First Thanksgiving – This interactive site offers lots of great ways to explore three topics: The Mayflower Voyage, Daily Life, and the Thanksgiving Feast.

Colonial Times – This is a great interactive site that offers various colonial related sections including “Learn about the Colonial Period”, “Read diaries”, “Explore”, “Write a Journal Entry”, and “Design a period home interior”.


Colonial Jamestown

JAMESQUEST – This is a fantastic set of Web Quests around colonial Jamestown. This is full of higher-order-thinking skills for students to synthesize their learning and put their knowledge to a test!

VIRTUAL JAMESTOWN COLONY – This is a great resource for teachers to find lesson plans, information, and ideas for their Jamestown unit.

JAMESTOWN ONLINE ADVENTURE - This is a very fun, interactive, online game for kids to test their knowledge and decision making skills. Students can work through questions to “design” their colony and make choices about what would work best.

JAMESTOWN COLONY – This is also an interactive site from the History Channel. It has short video clips you can watch, as well as lesson plans & ideas for teachers.