Science Grade 5

 Solar System

Journey Into Space – Click play to watch a short video introducing gravity, orbits, and collisions.

Moon Olympics – Students can use the Moon Olympics link to find out what sports would be like on the moon. There is also an Investigation link allowing kids to explore why Earth is a good place for human life. Other planet facts are also given so students can compare what would be good/bad for human life on each planet.

Activate Asteroids! – Take the challenge of directing an asteroid’s path. There is also an Investigation link allowing kids to explore what happens when objects in space collide.

Blast Off! - Blast off on a trip through the solar system with this simple, interactive guide to the planets. Each planet has a one paragraph description.

Solar System Switch-a-roo - Put clues together to find the planets and moon.

The Solar System -“Extreme Science” website with terrific information about the solar system. A great article with hyperlinks, for students to see the definitions of all solar system vocabulary words.

PLANET INFORMATION - If your class is doing research about the different planets, this is an excellent site. It is simple to navigate and sticks to easy facts for elementary web surfers!

MORE PLANET INFORMATION - Also a good place to look if your students are doing research about the various planets.

World Almanac Solar System – interesting, scientific facts about each of the planets.

Kids Astronomy – very kid friendly site, click on each of the planets and learn a few facts.


NASA’s Biomes – This site is a great tool for looking at the characteristics of different biomes. In addition, there are two challenge activities. Students can play “Great Graph Match” or “To Plant or Not to Plant”. The Great Graph Match offers a Beginner and an Advanced level.

World Biomes – An interactive map showing biomes of the world. Each biome type offers more detailed information, including info about plants, climate, and animals common to the biome.

Biomes – Click on View. This resource includes charts about precipitation and temperature related to each biome.

Build A Prairie – Students are challenged to turn a barren prairie into a healthy one.

What is it like where you live? Each biome is represented. When students click on a biome, a great amount of organized information is offered via the left-sidebar.