Social Studies Grade 4

 The 50 States

Place the StateStudents can drag states into place on the map using one of three levels:

1 – The outlines of the states are visible on the map.

2 – The outlines of the states are not visible on the map.

3 – Place the name on the state.

Connecticut – This kid-friendly website includes Connecticut History, State Symbols, Government info, and more.

The 50 States - Click on this link to find out facts about each state. Information is given about state symbols and more!


The Constitution

Ben’s Guide to the Constitution – An explanation of the Constitution

Creating the Constitution – A Time Line – A time line highlighting the events leading up the creation of the constitution

Take a look at the real Constitution – Images provided of the actual Constitution document

Constitution Quiz – Place phrases from the Constitution into the correct document.

Preamble Scramble – Help the Patriots but the Preamble back in order!

Interactive Constitution – View the real text of the Constitution along with explanations.

Listen & Read about the Constitution – Scholastic provides this question and answer format about the Constitution. Students can listen to the questions and answers for a simple preview to the Constitution.

Branches of Government

Ben’s Branches of Government – A simple explanation of the Branches of Government

Branches of Government interactive Quiz – This quiz might provide a good opportunity for an interactive “whole class” quiz. The user must type in the answer to a variety of questions related to the 3 branches of government. Spelling counts!