Science Grade 4


How Animals Meet their Needs – Five animals are displayed on a projector and students must choose whether climate, oxygen, food, water, or shelter help that animal meet their living needs. After the correct choice is made, an explanation is given.

Camouflage Field Book - Click an environment for a hidden animal search. Information is provided for each choice.

Animal Adaptations – This site is a webquest that offers students an opportunity to explore different animals using questions they need to find the answers to.


Earth Science

Soil Formation – Three interactive activities explore the formation of soil. Each activity provides instructions and a “learn more” button, where details about the activity are explained.

  • Composition – sort layers of soil by correctly placing the layer name, amount of humus, and description.
  • Formation – sort pictures to show the sequence of soil formation.
  • Composting – sort pictures into a composting bin or a recycling bin.

This Planet Really Rocks is a great site for rocks and minerals. STudents can choose from any rock related topic in the Table of Contents. When working, key words are highlighted in red. Students can click on the words to find a definition.

Rock Hounds is an extensive site with lesson plans and links to other rock and mineral sites. Also it has great pictures and some cool animations.

Rocks and Minerals is easy to read and has good pictures of the rocks and minerals.

Rocks and Minerals Slide Show is a nice site, easy to read and has great pictures.