Numeracy Grade 4

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Fraction Flags (quarters) – Students are challenged to design a flag using a specified amount of each color. Students will select the parameters prior to designing. Choices are: using two ½s , using four ¼s , using one ¾ and one ¼, using ½ and two ¼s.

Fraction Flags (thirds) – Similar to Fraction Flags Quarters, but uses thirds.

Division Bingo – Students solve division problems to cover a bingo card with red chips. There are three games to play.

Learn to Read a Ruler – Use this game to practice ruler reading skills. Students can choose increments from wholes – sixteenths. A “timed” option is also selected, but I recommend turning this off since the clock moves very quickly.

Area and Perimeter – This site offers a brief explanation of both perimeter and area. For each, students are given problems to solve after the explanation. There are three level options and a button where students can get hints for solving.

Icy Slides, Flips and Turns – Students must identify whether or not the shape on a skating rink make a slide, flip or turn. There is an option to repeat the move if students need to review.