Numeracy Grade 3

Interactive Math Dictionary - Look up and learn about math vocabulary!

Color multiples – Students are challenged to color multiples and numbers that are not divisible by ___. The result of a correct coloring is a picture. For more, click on “try a different picture”.

2-D and 3-D shapes – Interactive guide to shapes. Examples are provided and students can click on various 2D or 3D shapes for more information.

How it all stacks up – This is a good introduction for students to creating and reading graphs. Students are taken step-by-step through questions. They are asked to build graphs and answer questions pertaining to the graphs they built.

Pizza Party – Students must identify the amount shown “left’ of a pizza.

Splat Square - This is a great interactive 100s chart if you have access to a color printer. Students can work on this in a center in the classroom focusing on “splatting” different number types with different colors. For example, you might ask students to splat the multiples of 3 with pink.


Elapsed Time – An interactive clock that could help students solve elapsed time word problems already provided to them. This could also be a great introductory tool for the whole class.

What time is it? – A telling time game where students must match the clock display with the digital time choices.

Time Teller – Kids can drag the hands on the clock to show the given time. The only problem with this is that if students get it wrong, the program just moves on to the next challenge without modeling the correct answer.

Time Memory – Playing “Memory”, match the different ways to read the same time.